Ticket for Local Public Transport

Please note that no ticket for public transport in Freiburg is included in the conference fee. Please purchase an appropriate ticket if required. Tickets can be purchased with the VAG (Freiburger Verkehrs AG), using the vending machines in the tram and at some stations.

Tickets and pricing

Tickets can be bought from a machine on any tram, and at some larger tram stops. The ticket machine interface can be put into English (and a selection of other languages) using the flag icons at the bottom of the screen. The entire tram network is contained within price category (Preisstufe) 1 — all quotes in this section are for price category 1. There are several options for tickets, the most economical choice depending on the level of use required;

- An adult single ticket (Einzelfahrschein Erwachsene) costs 2.70 € and is valid for a single journey up to one hour after purchase. No validation is required.

- The short-distance ticket costs 1.70 € and is valid for one trip over 3 stops, not including the entry stop.

- A daily ticket can be bought for for 6.30 €, valid for the whole tram network. It is valid from the time of purchase until the end of operations.

- Weekly tickets are not available.